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Resume of Jerald L. Robertson


Photos:  rafting the Grand Canyon,  opponent's campaign opinion of me,  Galapagos trip,  hosta grower,  lover of good wine



Jerald Lee Robertson

111 Township Ave.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

Phone: 513-242-6584 


I am retired from gainful work but active in affairs of my community and region. My hobbies are growing hosta which I do very well and wine appreciation which I also do very well. I am taking on the task of making  Religious Naturalism, Neo-Pantheism and the  Epic of Evolution vibrant paradigms for the future. Because of that, I can not really claim to be fully retired. Inspiration is an unretiring emotion. Writing a book is demanding.

I was born in 1935 at home in the hills of southern Kentucky at Webbs Cross Roads. I grew up in the Cincinnati area but spend a lot of time in the summer with my grandparents (probably to give my mother some relief). I had serious learning problems in the 3rd grade but somehow managed to become the top student in the 6th grade. May have been due to my 4th-grade teacher playing Chinese checkers with me (possibly her form of IQ test) and a year in a one-room country school.

Normal, happy childhood reading (comics and science fiction) and playing sports. The community of 4400 was blue collar, family oriented, with as many bars as churches (9) and 13 bookie joints. It was a different time than now for which I am glad. Although my dad was not a great provider (I never went hungry) he was the most honest man I have ever known. He and my mother, a quiet, mild-mannered, bible reading woman, were probably the brightest in their big families but were also the least successful. Their individual hillbilly independence never abated much over the years. One brother – deceased.

Married in 1963, divorced in 1970 from Carol Sanderson, a short, buxomly, outgoing nurse with strong leadership skills (unfortunately they didn’t seem to work on me). One daughter, Laura (Northern Kentucky University) and three grandchildren – Kirsten (U of South Carolina, 2009 now a TV producer), Spencer (Ohio State 2012, Honors Program, one of top 20 Most Outstanding Seniors 2012, Captain in US Marine Corps Reserve, currently a masters student at Duke University) and Miranda (University of Cincinnati 2013 now an American Airlines flight attendant).

Seven years of my own efforts got me a college degree with an additional three years of graduate study in physics. I have visited 16 countries and the Galapagos Islands, rafted the Grand Canyon and road in and out of the Canyon by mule.

The following activities and achievements speak for me. I am comfortable with myself in spite of being a good bit less than perfect. But I'm still working at it.


BS 1960 -  Wilmington College, Wilmington, Ohio
University of Cincinnati - 1953-7 majoring in Physics
Wilmington College - 1957-60 Physics & Chemistry - Work/Study Program
Amherst College - 1960 Graduate Assistantship in Physics 
U. of Dayton - 1964-5 Grad. Physics while working at Monsanto Research 
Courses in Sales/Marketing (AMA). Effective writing (Cincinnati Milacron) 
Former Certified Hazardous Materials Manager 
Safety and Ohio EPA compliance for the Kornylak Corporation

Community Activities

A candidate for Mayor of Elmwood Place 1983, 1991, 2001 and 2005, Mayor 2014 - 2016. Elected Councilman in 1991 & 2011, Reappointed 2002 & 2011; Sec. Elmwood Place Urban Redevelopment Corp. 1984; Chair - Elmwood Bicentennial Panel Committee - 1987.

Environmental Activities

Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission - 2001-2017. Chair 2007; Co-chair - Citizens for Sensible Waste Management - 1990-3; Chair - Mill Creek Watershed Council - 1994-8; Consensus Forum - Hamilton County Environmental Priorities Project - 1997-8 and Water & Solid Waste Committees; H.C. Solid Waste District Public Advisory Committee - 1998 & 2000; H.C. Storm Water Steering Committee - 2001-2; Port Authority for Brownfields - Citizens Advisory Board - 1996-9; Henkel Corp. Citizens Advisory Committee - 1994-9; Communities United for Action Environmental Award 1997, Metro Community Advisory Committee - 2005-2008

Other Tidbits

Board of Trustees, Mill Creek Watershed Council of Communities - 1998-05, Emeritus 2009 - present;  Board of Appraisers, MVCD - 1998-05;  Certified Master Gardener - 1998;  Board of Directors, Hamilton Safety Council - 1993; Subject in Perceptions of Home - Urban Appalachian Council - 1996;  Wilmington College Outstanding Alumni Volunteer Award - 1998; Cincinnati Enquire Hometown Hero - 1998;  medals - S.W. Ohio Senior Olympics - Basketball Shot (92,00,01,05); Treasurer - Hosta Society of Greater Cincinnati - 2002-8; Member of : Cato Institute,  World Pantheism Movement,  Atlas Society,  Institute on Religion in an Age of Science; Treasure-Hamilton County Libertarian Party - 2011-15,  America United; Compassion & Choices,  American Hosta Society, Webmaster for 9 sites

Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering & Who's Who in America.

Work History

A uniquely broad background in the food, plastic laminates, electronics, printing and government contract research industries at such companies as Formica, Ralston Purina, Monsanto, General Electric and Cincinnati Milacron with duties in the areas of plant management, research, product development and international technical service. Note: these were all world leading US companies when I worked for them.

When you read this list of employers you might ask how come I worked for so many. Did I have a problem holding on to jobs at these major US companies? First - I was hired by them for some reason. Second - I worked for Formica twice (almost a third time), I was being promoted at Purina  when I got a better job, I left an open door at Monsanto to return to Formica, GE asked me to return a year later after I left and Milacron was going out of business (I had offers from customers but elected to stay in Cincinnati).


Chapter 28 Paper Laminates - Pulp & Paper, Vol. 4(1983) Laminate Testing - series in P.C. Fabricating Magazine (1980); Over 12 technical papers in industry journals, U.S. classified literature; 12 papers presented at various industry conferences; Editor campus newspaper - Wilmington College (1958); Books in process - "Substance, Spirit and Religious Naturalism", Neo-Pantheism: A Modern Concept of God and "A Spinoza for the 21 Century"

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